Nevermore and Grimdale Book 1 bundle

Start your Steffanie Holmes bookshelf with these spooky special editions!

Get these two luxe hardcovers of two of Steffanie's most popular #whychoose books, plus two pieces of bookish artwork*.

Each special edition book features:
- A beautiful satin finish hardcover with foiled titles
- Gilded edges
- A ribbon bookmark
- Illustrated endpapers and chapter headings
- Illustrated location maps
- Black and white art endpapers

In the Nevermore Bookshop series, our heroine Mina finds herself working in a dusty old bookshop with a dark brings infamous fictional villains to life. And those villains like to share...

And in the Grimdale Graveyard series, Bree returns to her family's crumbling gothic manor to cat-sit, and discovers that she has feelings for the three hot ghosts who haunt its walls...

*Artwork will be picked at random, one piece from the Nevermore series and one piece from the Grimdale series*

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