How Heathcliff Stole Christmas - Signed

Enjoy Steffanie Holmes' spicy #whychoose cozy fantasy as never before with these special limited-edition hardcovers!

Get your hands on this signed limited edition of the Nevermore novella - How Heathcliff Stole Christmas

This special edition features:
- A beautiful satin finish hardcover with foiled titles
- Gilded edges
- A ribbon bookmark
- Illustrated end papers and chapter headings
- Illustrated bookshop and Argleton village maps
- Black and white art endpapers


Every Who down in Who-ville likes Christmas a lot . . .but Heathcliff, the surly bookstore owner and fictional bad-boy, does NOT!
Luckily, Mina Wilde loves him anyway, as well as her two other literary boyfriends – the ‘Napolean of Crime,’ James Moriarty, and Poe’s contemplative raven, Quoth. It’s tough buying the perfect Christmas gifts for three lovers, but Mina’s determined to make this year the best Christmas Nevermore Bookshop has ever seen.
That is until the charity Christmas tree and all the presents donated by the village go missing. Heathcliff’s grinching makes him the obvious culprit, but Mina knows Heathcliff isn’t mean enough to steal gifts for the animal shelter … or is he?
Mina and her men must race to solve the mystery and save Christmas before the village roasts Heathcliff over a Yule log!
The Nevermore Bookshop Mysteries are what you get when all your book boyfriends come to life. Grow your heart three sizes and join your favorite punk-rock heroine, her three hot book boyfriends, a meddling mother, a troublesome cat, and a cast of strange and wonderful Argleton villagers in this fun reverse harem Christmas mystery.
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