Spirited - Signed paperback


Dorien Valencourt is in deep shit.
His cheeky grin and stormy eyes won’t help him this time.

But I will.
I’ve found love in the darkness.
Three broken muses possess me,
Mind, body, and soul.
I won’t give them up for anything,
Especially not for a witch with a blackened heart.

In a school ruled by shadows and secrets,
I’ll shine a light in the darkest places.
We’ll expose a long-buried violation,
And force a villain to confront her sins.

If only our secrets don’t devour us all.

With Titus and Ivan at my side,
we’ll free Dorien from his cage.
We’ll drag these skeletons into the daylight.

The ghost of Manderley will have her revenge.

Manderley Academy is a dark college reverse harem bully romance retelling of Cinderella – with a gothic twist. Proceed with caution – this tale of three spoiled rich boys with unsettling secrets and the girl who refuses to put up with their crap contains dark themes, a creepy house, a smoldering second-chance romance, college angst, cruel bullies and swoon-worthy sex.

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