Poison Malice Twisted - Signed paperback

She’s sweet, forbidden poison – and she’s the only one who can save him

Aisling is the last witch standing. She guards her family home and the source of their power from the fae eager to devour it. Grief and loneliness mark her days, twisting her up inside until the night she opens her door to a dark stranger...

His malice threatens to undo them both

Even among the fae, Niall is considered broken. War has stoked his lust for blood, for cruelty, for control. All he knows is death and depravity, until the day he steps inside Aisling’s home and finds everything he’s ever wanted...

A forbidden attraction so strong, so twisted, they cannot resist

But Niall’s vow requires that he sacrifice it all.

Every day that Niall and Aisling give in to their twisted desires, the house moves closer to ruin. Corrupted magic seeps from every crack, the walls draw closer, and the house is torn apart between the fae and human worlds.

If the house falls, both their worlds fall with it. But the only way to save it will force Aisling and Niall apart for all of eternity.

Poison Malice Twisted is a standalone dark paranormal romance novel of love, sacrifice, and weird architecture by USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes. This story of a clever witch, a wicked fae prince, and a house with a mind of its own contains scenes that may disturb and delight.
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